Understand the Consumer Decision Journey

1010reveal's products map along the consumer decision journey, providing your business with the insights needed to uncover market-level and consumer-level trends. Our suite of interactive, analytical applications provide the data you need to stay ahead of your consumer.

The Distinctive Approach of 1010reveal

True Multi-Source Approach

Longitudinal clickstream, credit card & e-receipt data to provide consumer purchase behavior

Actions Tied to Purchases

Make decisions based on consumer behavior that results in a purchase

Longitudinal, Granular Data

Track customer-level and item-level detail over time to predict consumer trends

Broad Merchant Coverage

Hundreds of omnichannel, pure-play, subscription, direct-to-consumer and marketplace merchants

Flexible Categorization

Hundreds of broad retailer categories and over 200 curated categories tailored for analyzing according to company-defined preferences

360° View of the Consumer

Understand the customer’s path to purchase and lifecycle value in one interactive application

Discover the Drivers Behind Your Market Position

Determine Market Position across hundreds of curated consumer goods categories or hundred of broad retailer-based categories.

Identify Industry Disruptors by tracking the growth of millions of brands, from household names to private-label goods.

Optimize Online Assortment by analyzing the performance of tens of millions of products at over 90 mass-merchant and specialty online retail domains.

How am I performing relative to my category online?

Uncover the “why” behind consumer preferences

Discover what actually triggers a purchase with referral sources. Know which websites your customers are on right before they begin their path to purchase.

Consider which products consumers are looking for with search insights. Analyze the search terms that result in purchases within your category on and off-site.

Evaluate which brands or retailers are also considered with comparison shopping. Determine the items consumers viewed before purchasing your brand or from your site.

What’s preventing me from winning the sale?

Assess the loyalty of your online customers

Increase spend from your current customers with share of wallet. Access customers’ purchase activity at the item-level across your category over time.

Reduce churn and improve customer retention with new-lost-returning. Identify the competitors that you acquired new customers from or that lost customers left you for.

Analyze product affinities that drive value with basket analysis. Prove your brand’s value within the basket and expand your product line.

How does customer loyalty differ by spending tier?

Monitor where and how consumers shop in-store and online

Assess Omni-channel Performance by trending share of sales, basket size, trip frequency and spend per customer across a competitive set.

Track Shopper Lifecycles by determining the percent of new customers each period and see where lost customers shop in the following period.

Leverage Merchant Affinities by identifying the retailers that share customer bases to drive promotional spend and merchandising strategies.

Intuitive Interface

Enable all users to uncover insights in a flexible environment

Monthly Updates

Consumers are acting faster than ever. Never fall behind with frequent market signals

Broad Coverage

View hundreds of categories to millions of products