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The Best of Online Beauty

With beauty blogs, YouTube tutorials and Instagram influencers, today’s consumers are always expanding their beauty horizons and giving no-name brands a chance to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. Read More

Amazon Wants Shoppers to Take Their Vitamins

From infant diapers to razor blades, private label consumer goods are booming online and represent a very real threat to established national brands. Read More

Q3 2018 CPG Ecommerce Scorecard

For decades, the consumer goods industry had a tight grip on brick-and-mortar trends using data from sources such as point of sale systems, syndicated data providers and mystery shopping. Read More

Holiday 2018 Gift Predictions

Now that we are all sick of eating the leftover Halloween candy that nobody really likes, it’s time for consumers to start shopping for the holidays! Read More

Baby, It’s Cold Season!

Flu season is officially upon us and with an exceptionally severe season in 2017-2018, we anticipate over-the-counter cough and cold medication to be a popular purchase this year. Read More

The Rise of Private Label

Retailers and manufacturers have been in a power struggle for decades. Manufacturers required shelf-space and retailers needed a stock of quality products to keep foot traffic flowing. Read More

Amazon is Chasing Chewy’s Private Label Tail

For pet owners, the advantages of buying pet food (and supplies) online are obvious: value, selection, and convenience. Not surprisingly, the online pet industry has become a big business Read More

Raising the Category Bar

As consumers become more health conscious, they are demanding more nutrients from their snacks. This preference has blurred the lines between protein bars and snack bars, creating a bar category with a greater consideration set than ever before. Read More

The Value of Walmart Grocery

For all the ways ecommerce has affected consumers’ lives over the past 25 years, one habit has been hard for most to break: how we shop for groceries. Read More

Back to School Snack Attack

As the sizzling summer weather starts to cool down, parents are heading indoors to browse the Internet in search of the best back-to-school deals. Read More

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