Proven Client Success

Dozens of leading retailers and consumer goods companies rely on 1010reveal to fill critical gaps in their online strategy. Starting with a baseline understanding of market position, clients leverage 1010reveal products to find true success in influencing conversions and retaining customers from one purchase cycle to the next.

Performance Measurement

The beverage division of a leading consumer goods company had an underperforming in-store product not offered online.

The company utilized category benchmark data to implement a promotional strategy that introduced the SKU online.

The company realized a 4 point share increase within one month, and achieved their all-time highest sales quarter.

Marketing & Conversion

A leading mass merchant wanted to lift online basket sizes through the merchandising of high-affinity items.

The company identified rug pads as a fast-growing category at key competitors, which had high affinity with rug purchases.

The retailer realized a 29% increase in average weekly sales after including “add to cart” prompts for rug pads when rug purchases initiated the checkout process.

E-Category Management

A plant-based supplement brand’s search rankings were in rapid decline.

The brand’s leading product was labeled as a “nutritional shake” and was switched to include “plant-based protein powder” in the labeling conventions.

The company realized an 8 point increase in share within one month of the labeling revisions and regained its status as the #1 brand in the plant protein category.

Strategic Partnerships

A leading pet care brand was asked to participate in a new online promotional strategy by one of its largest retail partners, requiring an upfront commitment of millions of dollars.

The brand discovered that the retailer was only generating 2% of total online pet sales.

The brand was empowered to decline the retailer’s offer and realized a $2 million saving.