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Instacart Finds Grocery Success Beyond Whole Foods

Online grocery sales in the U.S. soared 50% to $12.5 billion last year as consumers at long last shift their everyday shopping to ecommerce. One of the primary drivers of this growth has been Instacart Read More

What the data reveals about Amazon’s Prime Day best-sellers

Amazon’s Prime Day proved to be the company’s largest shopping event in history, outselling both Prime Day 2018 and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday. Interestingly, the best sellers list shows uncanny similarities Read More

You CAN Have Your Meat and Eat It Too

In light of macro trends such as personal health and environmental sustainability, the growing acceptance of plant-based meats should come as no surprise. With improved taste and availability, meat lovers have more options to consider than ever before. Read More

That hemp oil available online may not contain what consumers expect

As CBD oil becomes popular amongst those looking to sleep better, ease pain, or reduce stress and anxiety, large retailers have started planning for CBD products to hit their shelves and websites. Read More

Amazon Wants Solimo’s Private Label Sales

As Amazon looks to fuel continued sales momentum, the ecommerce giant is launching a barrage of in-house developed private label brands like Presto! and Solimo. Read More

The End of Digital Overwhelm

If there’s a word that sums up the modern retail customer’s experience, it’s choice. When the time comes to make a purchase, today’s shopper can choose from thousands of products and hundreds of retailers, both online and off, established and new. Read More

CPG Scorecard Q4-2018

CPG Scorecard

For decades, the consumer goods industry had a tight grip on brick-and-mortar trends, but the competitive advantage that executives now require is a unified view Read More

Smarter Than Our Speakers

Even though Smart Speakers are only as smart as their users, these devices are vastly improving lives through functions such as voice assistant, which can provide real time information, music streaming Read More

The Weigh-In on Top Holiday Gifts

For the most part, results from the 2018 Holiday season seem to be rough. Kohl’s same store sales weakened from 6.9% in 2017 to 1.2% in 2018. Read More

The Best of Online Beauty

With beauty blogs, YouTube tutorials and Instagram influencers, today’s consumers are always expanding their beauty horizons and giving no-name brands a chance to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. Read More

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