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January, 2019

The Weigh-In on Top Holiday Gifts

For the most part, results from the 2018 Holiday season seem to be rough. Kohl’s same store sales weakened from 6.9% in 2017 to 1.2% in 2018. Read More

Two-Stop Shopping for One-Stop Shoppers

Not long ago, shoppers would primarily travel to grocery stores to pick up their groceries, and to drug stores to pick up their prescriptions. Read More

Baby’s Booming Online

Which private-label is the top baby brand online? While the internet does not lack crazy products for babies, such as mop onesies and guinea pig-style water dispensers, practical items such as formula and diaper cream are experiencing growth online. Read More

The Best of Online Beauty

With beauty blogs, YouTube tutorials and Instagram influencers, today’s consumers are always expanding their beauty horizons and giving no-name brands a chance to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. Read More